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On Hire ROB Survey & Condition Survey Crane Barge Support Station V

This sample report for On Hire Remaining on Board of Fuel Consumption (ROB Survey) and also reporting survey for Condition Survey on board Crane Barge CB. Support Station V (SSV) please find below with yourself explanation;
On Hire ROB Survey & Condition Survey Crane Barge Support Station V at PT. Marcopolo Shipyard, Sagulung, Batam, Indonesia. The vessel was delivered from the owner – ASETANIAN MARINE PTE LTD  to the Charterer – BROOKE DOCKYARD & ENGINEERING WORK CORDORATION , CTNS MARINE SDN BHD/SAUJANA MARINE SDN BHD on completion charter party at Sagulung, Batam, Indonesia.

At the time of our survey, the barge was on docking, based on our inspection, the vessel’s hull including shell plating was noted to be structurally in good condition.

On Hire ROB Survey & Condition Survey Crane Barge Support Station V
On Hire ROB Survey & Condition Survey Crane Barge Support Station V

However, we found signed of slightly scratched at shell plate and several indentation were found at half steel fender and port side ladder.
External deck house including railing, ladder, windows and deck house structure were found in good condition. Exhaust funnel and ventilation were found in good condition as well.  Helicopter deck including station sign, safety net and stairs were found in good condition.

Interior accommodation such as control room including console, radio room, hospital, office, cabins, galley, mess room including passageway and staircase appeared in good condition.Main switch board room, emergency switch board room, pump room, workshop, generator room and other machinery space, emergency escape/hatch way including its ladder and hatch cover were found well maintained and in good condition.

Barge’s navigation, communication equipment, safety equipment and fire fighting appliances which available on board are in good operating order. All life saving and fire fighting appliance were located and signed in comply with safety and fire plan.

§ Name of the Vessel            :         SUPPORT STATION V
§ Port Of Registry                  :         Panama
§ Call Sign                           :         HO-3256
§ Type of vessel                   :         Crane Barge
§ Classification                      :         RINA
§ Built/Rebuilt                       :         1988/2005  
§Dimension                         :         L X B X H : 90.00 m x 27.28 m x 4.20 m
§ Gross / Net Tonnage           :         5121.00/1536.00
§ Main Generator                  :         4 x 1000 KW, Wartsila SACM
§ Emergency Generator          :         1 x 176 KW, Leroy Somer
§ Owner                              :         Asetanian Marine Pte. Ltd.

General Description

The accommodation work barge “SUPPORT STATION V” built in accordance to the rules and regulation of Registro Italiano Navale (RINA). The barge has an accommodation located at aft section with 3 (three) level deckhouse consist of Main Deck, 1staccommodation deck, 2nd accommodation deck and helipad deck. The Control Room located in Office Deck and fitted with 1 set winch mooring controls panels facing forward to monitor the mooring wire movements.

One (1) unit of Pedestal Crane capacity 270 Tons SWL is fitted at the main deck located   in front of the accommodation room. She is also equipped with 8 (eight) sets of mooring winch located at winch compartment consist of 2 sets on port and starboard respectively at forward and aft. All hydraulic winches can be operated from the control room automatically.

The barge is equipped by 4 Nos. Wartsila Diesel Generator with 960 KW at 1000 rpm each. The vessel designed has no engine propulsion.

The vessel was equipped with cabins for 250 men accommodation and others cabin on the CB. SUPPORT STATION V was noted as hospital, Offices, conference room, lounge, galley, mess room, radio room and prayer room.

All cabins were fully air conditioned, well maintained and good condition.

Shell Plating/Hull
The vessel’s hull including shell plating was noted to be structurally in good condition. However, we found signed of slightly scratched at shell plate and several indentation were found at half steel fender and port side ladder.

Port and starboard external shell plating found in sound condition, with signed of slightly  scratched & rusted  at several places, but it considered in good condition. Draft marks were found clearly marked.
Additional hull protection by means of used rubber tire fenders was sufficient provided around the hull.

 Deck Plating
Port and starboard side main deck found in satisfactory condition
Railing, bulwark and stays found in satisfactory condition.
Double bollard bitts and air ventilation pipe were noted in satisfactory condition.
Towing gears and emergency towing were found in satisfactory condition and ready to connect with the vessel tug.
The main deck plating is generally protected with wooden sheathing and it has a clear deck area about of 1,500 m2

Acomodation Deck
The accommodation consisted of 3 (three) level deck from main deck to helipad deck.
The accommodation is fully air-conditioned and designed to accommodate 300 personnel were found to be in an apparent satisfactory condition.
Helipad deck on the top deck was found satisfactory condition

Navigation and  Communication Equipments
Communication and Navigation equipment’s on board such as : VHF  Marine
SSB Radio, GPS, Marine Radar, Navtex Receiver, EPIRB and other navigation/ communication were found to be in satisfactory operating order.

LSA & FiFi Equipments
 Available on board:
Smoke signal, parachute signal, life jacket, life buoy, life raft, life boat, rescue boat, fire pump, fire extinguisher, fire hose box and other safety equipment and fire fighting were appeared in good condition.

Engine room
The engine room is equipped by 4 Nos. of generator Diesel Wartsila with 960 KW at 1000 rpm each. The barge designed has no engine propulsion.

1 (one) unit of fire pump and water sprinkler in engine room was found in satisfactory condition.
One of water maker capacity 50 Tons/day and sewage tank plant for 250 person were available on board.

Mooring System
8-Point Mooring system with Wire size/ Length: 50mm x 1000m (8+1 spare coil)
Anchor + Bouys: 8+1 spare x 7+10 ton Anchors and foam filled bouys c/w pendent wire
Tension Meter + CCTV: Tension metering system with payout counters & CCTV installed
Anchor Rack: Fitted at four (4) corners of the barge for 8-point mooring
Condition of winch were found in satisfactory condition

Offshore Pedestal Crane
The barge was equipped with 1 (one) pedestal crane brand Sumitomo type SF2500 HDG with capacity 270 Tons SWL

Work shop/Store
Condition of work shop/store were found in well maintain.
Machinery on work shops such lathe machine, drilling machine was found in working order.
Paint store and rigging store were found in clean condition.

Okay the On Hire ROB Survey & Condition Survey Crane Barge Support Station V done already as above condition, you also can read aour another posting blog Bagaimanakah Cara Kerja untuk Loading Survey Muatan Minyak Sawit Mentah atau CPO (Crude Palm Oil)

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